Avoiding weak Wi-Fi networks

Even when I just pass a university building my phone connects to its Wi-Fi network (eduroam). This is annoying as it interrupts the mobile data connection even if the Wi-Fi signal is too weak to allow for a decent connection. As I don’t want to “forget” the network I can only temporarily disable Wi-Fi. But then I forget to turn it on again.

I read about an “avoid poor connections” feature some android phones have. But I don’t find it on the Fairphone. Is there any app that can do his?


Since I never had this problem I can’t recommend an App I have tried myself, but a quick websearch would suggest: Bestsignal

Thanks @paulakreuzer, I have to give this a try (and I’m wondering why I didn’t find it, after all I tried websearches too :wink: ).

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Hm, maybe also Smarter WiFi could help you to turn WiFi off in areas where you don’t want to connect? Would surely save some battery.

If you’re technically inclined, you can compile it yourself, as explained on the developers page. Still did’t try it. :blush:

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