Automatically stop charging at defined level?

Are any of you familiar with apps for Android that allow customizarion of the percentage at which the phone will stop loading when connected?
Most of the time it would be more than enough for me if I’d start the day with 80% charge…

In Android you’ll need root to stop charging automatically.
Without root apps can only alarm you when level is reached.
With root e.g. the app battery charge limit stops charging at a defined level.


Yes, as said here, there is an app “Battery charge limit” on F-Droid. When you read the description, it sounds like “What I’ve been looking for for years”. On the Link to xda developers you learn that it requires root.

I would set something like 85 - 90 % as a compromise, and maybe disable it and charge it to 100 % when I’m outside for longer. But it is a nice feature that the light already turns green at 90 percent or so. But a fully charged battery should not be as bad as an empty one for a longer time.

Or it could always stay at 80 percent or so when connected to a powerbank.


I use AccuBattery (play store) to provide an alert when my battery reaches a certain %, so I can unplug. I charge my phone during the day, so I amn’t asleep and miss the alert :slight_smile:
There’s an app on F-Droid that provides a similar function, though I’ve forgotten its name.


Maybe that app on F-Droid is “BatteryBot Pro”, much more simple than “AccuBattery”, but still gives you the possibility to set an alarm when battery drops or exceeds a certain percentage :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s the one, thank you!

It does, it’s certainly less flashy than Accubattery but both can serve the same function there. It’s by no means perfect but until root is available, it’ll be enough :slight_smile:


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