Automatic updates for apps

hi there,
my FP is more or less constantly updating apps. i don’t want that. is there a way to stop it?

I filed this into the Help category because it is not about the Fairphone software / operating system itself.

Is Google Play updating your apps or are your apps auto-updating by themselves?
Is the fact that they are being updated annoying you or just the notifications you get?

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Completely ignore Herve’s long, incorrect and confusing post that involved F-Droid and all sorts of nonsense you didn’t ask about. Read my short and concise post instead:

You can disable auto-updating for all apps with a single setting in the Goog Play Store.

Go to the Google Play store, tap the menu button (three vertical lines stacked on top of each other) or slide your finger from the left edge of the screen to the right. A panel will expand. Tap “settings”, then go to “Auto-update apps” and select “Do not auto-update apps”.


Thank you very much, Jerry. Much better than Hervé’s suggestion :smile: