Automatic shutdown

Hi everybody,
I just receive my new fairphone 3 and everythings seems really good !
But I have a litle problem : on all my previous phones, I used to program an automatic shutdown at night, and a restart in the morning.
An option I didn’t found in the FP3 OS :frowning:
Is there any way to do that ? Or any way to ask for that in a future update ?

Thanks a lot !


As far as I know, this isn’t a stock feature of Android - it’s something that device manufacturers have added.

I also have a feeling that this feature doesn’t work properly with encrypted devices as for example alarms can’t start until the device and encryption is unlocked.

It’s probably not likely to come as a feature unfortunately.

What I’ve been doing is using the Google Digital Wellbeing app and setting automatic do not disturb mode and greyscale overnight and to switch off with my first alam


Thanks for the tips, but I really want to shutdown my phone at night.
Something I can do manually, but it’s annoying to think that such a simple features cannot be added … It wordked fine on every others phones I used.

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That sounds like either coincidence or you selecting your phones based on that feature.
It’s not a normal feature every phone would have nowadays. I think it was widespread with feature phones back in the day.

Which phones did you use up to now?

Personnaly, I used an honor 6A and some wikos.
And I help many customers to use this functionality on many different phones, so I thought It was a basic option in android.


Hmmm … I certainly don’t know every phone out there, so maybe this feature is still more around than I thought.

Perhaps somebody in the know could shed some light on how this even works?
Can’t be only software, or can it?

Somehow it reminds me a bit of Double Tap To Wake … which was neat to have, but not every phone could do it.

It went out of fashion when encryption of the phone became the norm. This broke booting the phone, as it would get stuck on the decryption password input (and e.g. the FP1 would buzz angrily if there was no input after a while). This was partially solved by the inclusion of direct boot mode in android 7 and onwards, but the power scheduling settings haven’t made it back to standard android (Though it was briefly in Developers’ settings in Android 7 when direct boot support was added, so Google must have found cases where this is problematic, or incompatible with changes to the bootloader) and would need to be custom coded.

Most PC systems (and by the looks of it Android), interface with the hardware clock (which keeps running even if the device is off, as long as there is power - hence the use of CR2032 batteries on PC motherboards). The hardware clock can fire an alarm, and some bioses are capable of using this as a power-on switch (in a similar way that Wake on LAN allows a network card to trigger system power on). I’m not sure how this is tied into the android bootloader, but it must have been linked at some point (otherwise the feature wouldn’t have worked on the FP1).

Anyway, when I broke my power schedule on the FP1 (by encrypting the device) I found out that putting the phone into airplane mode (radios and wifi off) used less power overnight than booting android in the morning cost - making it the better option in my view. Unfortunately, Android development has taken away the option of toggling airplane mode easily by automation apps without root - so if anyone has a neat solution for that, I’m all ears (as I now toggle wifi and set the phone to silent, but would like an easy was of turning the radios off too).


Well, too bad that this option disapears. I understand why, but it seemed a good way to save energy (and thus, it would have been more coherent with the fairphone).
Anyway, thanks for the tip on the airplane mode. I hope there is a way to automatize the switching !


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totally agree! This is one of the things I really miss in my step from FP1 to FP3, always used it.