Automatic brightness control

Hi, I am just wondering if it would be possible to add a function to control the level of display brightness when automatically controlled in a future update. I find the auto brightness funcion really useful to save battery power, but in my opinion it is just always to dark. If one could adjust the reference brightness, that would be a great feature.


Interesting point. I’m used to the screen brightness as it matches the level I had on my previous HTC.

I think there are some apps out there that allow you to tweak these settings, can’t comment on how well they work though as I’ve not had any direct experience with them.

I absolutely second this. I tend to use ‘auto’ as well, but in bright light the screen is too faint, so I have to switch to manual brightness control.
I have such a feature (a manual +/- setting which is added to the ABC-value) on my Samsung tab and that does indeed the trick.

Google for information about the xposed framework, once you install that you can install the module ‘GravityBox’ - note don’t install xposed on the sdcard, I had that as the default and it doesn’t work. Once you have gravitybox insalled there is an option to set your preferred brightness for all 15 auto brightness levels and additionally at which ambient brightness they should be triggered.

Hi, thanks for your hint. The app does a good job for that purpose. Unfortunately, alongside with its widespread customizing powers comes huge complexity and adjusting effort :wink: For a future update I would wish for a setting function like @Rob_van_der_Does describ ed from his (pretty unfair^^) samsung tab.

Yeah, couldn’t find a FairTab…

wasn’t personal :wink: Actually there was a discussion about a fairtab almost a year ago in the xda forum, but the Fairphone Team had to focus on the smartphone. Maybe there is a chance in the nearer future…

Hi @Reid_Sommerville, I tried the gravity box, but it had a negative effect on my phone’s sound system, it always sounded like the spaker’s contacts were loose (also affected the headphones). Does gravity box work for you without these issues?

@Elchi no issues with gravity box for me, I’ve only used it to set the brightness though

Thanks for the tip; I also used Gravity Box for the brightness issue.
Nevertheless: it’s a very complicated app, compared to a simple +/- slider for adding an offset to the brightness.

For my part I like it darker then the darkest default setting. It’s way to bright at night.^^
Fortunately I’ve found YAAB (on f-droid so it’s open source). It’s even got an automatic night mode which as they say “would allow to save up to 30% of battery”.


YAAB only allows for setting low level even lower.
Gravity box allows many settings, including that.

Ah, nice. Found it.
Do I need the Xposed Installer for this?

Yes Xposed Installer is required. .