Autocomplete and spelling correction?

Thanks for bearing with an absolute beginner.
On my iPhone I got to like the corrections when I made obvious typos. When typing messages on my FP2, it does some underlining but no autocomplete or correction of misspellings.

What am I overlooking? Is there a manual somewhere that describes working with text on the phone? (selecting, copying and pasting so far is also a bit of a hassle, for example)

Go to:

Settings > Language & Input > Android Keyboard (or whatever Keyboard you use) > Text correction

There you can change a lot about suggestions and correction behavior.

I’m not at all impressed though. I used ‘aggressive autocorrection’ and even the simplest typos (e.g. “typis”) get through without correction at all. Also the suggestions below the text don’t make sense to me (when typing “typi” I get: “lt”, “To” and “lt to” to choose from…)

I am sure I’m overlooking something obvious… But what?

I have the same experience.
It makes me wonder if one needs to install a dictionary.

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I installed another keyboard app, because I also didn’t consider the spelling correction to be very good.

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The spelling correction in German is pretty bad too. There is at least one bad autocorrection in almosh every longer message that I write

Have you tried installing the Google Keyboard from the Play Store?

I could not get spell corrections to work with norwegian language om stock keyboard, but installed google keyboard which looks exactly the same and supported all languages. FP team notified.

I did try but then, funny enough, my Fairphone warned me that Google saves every word you type! So that’s a huge no go for me!

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