Aurora / microG / signature spoofing on FP4?

Hi, I would buy a FP4 if I was sure I could get Aurora to run. I already tried it on my FP2/Open without success, unfortunately I couldn’t cope with mikroG and the signature spoofing and finally gave up.

Is there any experience with this on the FP4? Is it a difference at all? Is it safely doable to set up mikroG and Aurora without too deep understanding through a detailed instruction?

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I’m using the Aurora store on my FP4 right now, but unfortunately, since there is no LOS port (or any other Google-free OS) available for the phone right now, using microG instead of the GoogleMobileSpyware isn’t possible at the moment.

I’m eagerly waiting for a port too, and as soon as there is one I’ll imediately switch. In the meantime, you can have a look at these three topics:

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To get MicroG running is another thing, but Aurora should work in any case, shouldn’t it?

As for MicroG, the easiest way is perhaps waiting for the LOS or /e/OS port (/e/ are nearly there), and then install Aurora on it.


I have aurora on my fp4 running for weeks without problems.
Got it frm f-droid

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I have been running microG with signature spoofing enabled on my FP4 for over a week without any problems.
The easiest way (at the moment) is rooting with Magisk and then installing Riru, Riru-Lsposed and your choice of microG-module.
Apparently even Safety-Net is possible (if you’re into that sort of thing :smirk:), haven’t tried that one myself though.

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Thank you very much for your answers. I also tried to follow the technical details in the above mentioned thread but read it only roughly. As a non-expert it is really very hard for me.

If even the experts among you constantly get stuck somewhere … a non-expert just takes too long to acquire this knowledge. Example: I only imagine what a boot.img is, I have no idea how “special” it is for a certain purpose and certainly not where I get it and who creates it. Does it have to match the device or the Android version or both? Are there risky sources etc…?
There are dozens of hurdles for a non-expert to jump over.

There needs to be a tutorial that explains everything, I mean really everything step by step so that no one gets stuck anywhere, even things you guys here in the forum take for obvious. I would offer myself, as a technophile but half-knowing user such a tutorial to co-work if I find someone here, I may annoy with all the questions about how, why and why not otherwise etc… The goal should be that someone like me has the complete information to safely perform the necessary procedure.

Meanwhile I had contact to the fairphone support and asked to bring my request (FP4 prepared for signature spoofing without root) to the attention of product management:

“For a product to be fair, it must not only be fairly produced, but also fairly used. This also means being able to handle your data in a self-determined way, which is practically impossible due to Google’s dominance. In my opinion, a fair smartphone must be able to be used by normal consumers without Google (without knowing a specialist). I am convinced that with this possibility they will be able to win many more customers and spread the idea of the fairphone even better.”

The average user does not care and wants google. People like you and I who only have very few tech/dev knowledge need to wait until someone could take the time to develop custom roms or buy another phone like the Volla phone. The Fairphone already is quite “open” to use and modify as wanted, but when I don’t have the knowledge it will remain difficult and I need to invest time to learn. Writing tutorials for noobs is time consuming and done for free in the free time people have and to me your request sounds a bit demanding

I don’t think this is necessarily a problem that can be fixed by writing a easy to understand tutorial (but I’d certainly help if I can contribute something useful).
Unlocking your bootloader, root, signature spoofing and related exploits will always be risky endavours and having a easy to follow tutorial can’t prepare you for anything that might happen if attempted.
That said, every user that’s running custom software on their phones right now obviously started out as a novice, so a case could be made for at least easier to follow tutorials with big red warning labels on top :smirk:

While I personally am not a fan of /e/ in the slightest, I think for the regular user, buying a phone from them with everything enabled will always be the only real easy option :see_no_evil:


My impression is that very, very many people would like to be independent of Google, but don’t even know it’s possible. When I hear the word “Fairphone” I think more of a vision and less of the average, so I thought I’m in the right place to discuss this … But now I understand that it is currently not possible for normal users. I take your advice, it was just a question. I respect the high effort of the many people who are involved in this matter.

Iode do the same, but in my humble opinion, much better.
They sell also pre-installed phones.


I know you don’t like /e/OS (I’ve read it often enough) but I’d still prefer if you could rather mention this as your opinion and not as a fact…

Thanks for mentioning the alternative anyway.


@Volker sorry, changed it, no problem. :+1:


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