Audio using USB-C port

Hello everyone!
I am thinking about joining the Fairphone community and was wondering if I can use the USB C port as an audio source instead of the headphone jack. That would just be way more convenient for listening to music in my car.

Cheers, Julian

Welcome to the Fairphone community then :wink:
Answer to your question is yes. There is no reason for which USB audio shouldn’t work on the FP3 AFAIK.

Thanks, Alex! That’s great news.

Hi there,

Why not use Bluetooth? Many in-car entertainment systems support it these days.

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I’d love to but my car only supports BT calls, not BT audio :wink:

Sie können eine Bluetooth-Geräteverbindung verwenden

This has been suggested already, and a reply in German written in an English thread is not so helpful. If you cannot express yourself in English well, there are online translation tools that can do the job for you.

Welcome to the community forum, @Coll_Chivas.

It was the first post of @Coll_Chivas in this forum, and I’ve seen that being handled differently across the internet, so … I’d suggest we might appreciate that a new user took the time to register and contribute, while @Coll_Chivas may take your post as a friendly hint that in general we tend to respect the language choice of the first post in a topic here :wink: .

There are topics which are clearly marked for conversation in a language other than English or in more than one language, the user opening a topic decides this (mostly).

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