Audio Skips & Glitches

I’m experiencing frequent skips and glitches in my speaker/headphones when i play music.

About Apps and Versions:

Regular player: PowerAmp
I tried have some other players as well: playerpro, aimp - the issue remains

android 4.2.2, just the regular FP OS

testet 2 pairs of headphones (one of them with bluetooth)
sennheiser cx 271, jaybirds bluebuds x

and an active speaker via cable and via bluetooth: Hercules WAE-NEO

I also use Memory Booster App to free my RAM for greater performance with no results on audio quality.

I’m not so sure about, but I belive, that i have the skips and glitches since the last OS Update.

Hopefully you know a Fix. Otherwise I’d would like to report that as a bug.


If you believe that this behaviour started with the latest update, I’d run the update again. I don’t experience any problems with audio playback.

Also try to disable this app. It could actually make things worse.