Audio quality on FP3+

What is the current state of audio quality on FP3+? I’ve seen on this forum it had some issues on FP2/3, but FP3+ has a new audio core, right? (I’m interested in playback, not recording)

Welcome to the forum @Soveu

Only ever having an FP3+ I cannot compare but I wasn’t aware of any issues generally with playback.

The FP3+ has a 2db more powerful amplifier, not a huge deal breaker.

So what do you mean and expect from the idea of ‘output’ via, hands free speaker, jack socket, bluetooth, earpiece.

I suggest you may like to see if you can find someone with an FP3+ and see for yourself. Such things are very subjective. You may find a #fairphoneangel near you that can assist.


Unfortunetely, there are no angels in Poland :frowning:
I guess I will have to use the trial period to test it

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You have 14 days to inform Fairphone from receipt to return without giving a reason. Good luck and I hope you’ll find it worth the effort

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