Audio output level is quite low on my FP3+

When I listen to some music I have to put up the phone volume to the maximum. With previous phones I was used to have it around 50-70%.

This happens both when I use earphones (both the Fairphone ones and the ones from the old phone) and Bluetooth speakers. Today I realized I had both my phone volume and my Blueetooth speaker volume at the highest level but the volume was not loud at all.

The biggest problem is that when listening to some music through an external speaker, by keeping the speaker at its highest volume also its noise is amplified and gets audible.

I’m using AIMP as an MP3 reader, and it’s the same I’ve always used on previous phones.

Do you know of any workaround?



I’m not saying it’s not a problem with your device, but what’s the results like listening from youtube app? Also check if the uploaded tune is not quiet itself, some tunes were uploaded already quiet. There is a workaround on a computer which is called loudness equalization.
I had a look in the play store and there is an app called precise volume check it out.


I. Where is the music sourced from? Do you have locally stored music and/or streaming.

  1. Have you tried other music apps? I use MP3 Player i downloaded from

I’ve checked with YouTube app and there is the same problem.

I’ve installed “precise volume” and I was able to increase the output to the level I was used to. When I reboot the phone the volume stays at the same (right) level but after a while (a minute or so) it gets decreased by… let’s say 10% (it’s not a problem, I’m writing it just to give you a more complete feedback).

However, if I mute the phone using Android controls and then unmute it the problem comes back again and I have to go back to the “precise volume” app to have it raised to an audible level.

So, apparently using that app is a good workaround and I thank you very much.

Do you think there is a way to definitely solve the issue and be able to control the volume using Android without falling back to that app?


UPDATE: now also muting and unmuting from Android doesn’t impact, I’ve tried several times so it seems the problem is solved (besides that 10-20% of decrease after a minute following a reboot).

I don’t know why it went back to the low output level in my previous test but it did.

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The problem is apparently solved as you can read in my replies to @existentionaut.

Thanks for your suggestion, if the problem will be back I’ll give it a try.


Hi existentionaut,

While playing around with “precise volume” I tried to enable the equalizer and I was warned there is already an app having control on volumes, that app is MusicFX.

It’s by Google and doesn’t appear in any installed app list (I can only access its Android panel from “precise volume” by trying to enable the equalizer as it doesn’t appear in any app list on my phone either).

I’ve made some search on Google but didn’t find a lot about it.

Do you think I can disable it? I’d just try but the fact it doesn’t appear in any installed app list makes me fear I’m not able to reactivate it if needed…


System apps are hidden, there is an option to show system apps. With that said I never had to disable system apps. But if you can disable it without uninstalling it that would mean you could enable it back.

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