Audio crackles at low volume

Hello Community!
I wanted to start a new topic, but it doesnt work because i’m not allowed? Dont know.
For now i post my issue here. Maybe a mod can put it at the right place?
I noted the following problem (Fairphone 2): when i want to listen music on a low level it crackles or rustles. Sounds similar to verry high compressed/low quality mp3-files. But i tested it with WAV Files and on the tablet or the notebook i do not have this problem. I also tried different apps, but no effort. So my assumption is that it is a problem of the OS.
So far!

Sorry for the late reaction.
Did you already find out whether it’s a hardware issue?
Does it only happen with music or also during phone calls or with recorded audio?
If it’s a hardware issue you can try disassembling the phone, taking out the loudspeaker module to clean the connectors before reassembling.

To investigate a software issue further I’d first try different file formats. Wav is a Windows format and may not be highly compatible with Android.

I cannot retrace this case. I just generated an “empty” audio file with no sound using free Audacity and saved it using the .aiff format. For playback on my phone I used MXPlayer with software amplification. Actually there was not the slightest thing to hear using Sennheiser HD490 headphones. No crackles, clicks, general noise or else, simply silence while at the maximum and also close to minimum possible volume. I believe it´s not a software issue.

Thanks for the answers.
I will try disassemble the phone and clean the contacts.
I tried it with headphones from Sennheiser and Sony.
It happens only while hearing music and not during phone calls.
It is very easy to hear it while listening speech/comedy.

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