Audio apps suddenly stop (Audible, Youtube vance, Smart audiobook player)


I’ve recently bought a Fairphone 4 to replace my broken xperia. All the apps I use to listen to audio books/videos stop playing at random, usually after 5 to 30 minutes. I’ve already disabled battery optimization for all those apps but it didn’t fix anything.

my phone has the latest OS and app updates and has been restarted a few times.

affected apps: Audible, Youtube Vance, Smart Audiobook Player.

Do you use an external audio device or do you listen via speaker? Does it only happen with screen off? Is playback just paused or does something else happen?


Hello, thank you for the swift reply.

I currently always use usb-c headphones and the screen screen is off. I could test it with the built in speaker. there’s a distinctive short “pshht” sound as it stops. the playback is indeed shown as paused in the app. It’s also worth mentionning that I’m not in battery saving mode.

I will test it with the built in speaker and with the screen on to see if that makes any difference.

edit: I have tested with the built-in speaker and the problem persists.

OK, I don’t own a USB headphone, so I can’t test this for you, I can only tell that I have no problems with Bluetooth headphones. If the problem persists, you should contact support, they might be able to help you.

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