Audible charging

The battery in my fairphone 3+ makes an inconstant electrical high pitched trilling noise when charging. It’s annoying. It’s quiet so I only hear it when it’s charging by my bed at night. Anyone else experience this?

No! I would contact support urgently as if it were the battery it may be dangerous.

However it may be the the charging circuitry, which still isn’t that much better.

Can you find someone to swap batteries with or maybe contact #fairphoneangel to help eliminate some possibilities?


Older people like you and me might not hear the noise, if it’s really ‘high pitched’ :wink:.


Hey! I’m 42! :smiley:
But I do have quite sensitive hearing. Still, I think this one is audible enough to be heard by anyone. So your fairphones are completely silent while charging? Seriously, it needs to be pretty quiet around you.

It might be only when it’s fully charged…

I’m normally charging the phone at my desk in the office, so I will have to check later. Here I can’t hear anything.
(BTW I’m nearly 56 and amoun is a little bit older :wink:)

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Ahhh I found this: Noise from Fairphone charger - #14 by juancoob

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But there it’s the charger making the noise, you were referring to the battery or phone. Do you use the original Fairphone charger?

No, USB-C wire from mains USB-C socket. There are people in that thread identifying the phone as the noise source, I think!

As far as I understood, it was only a guess of fairphone support, all others are complaining about the charger.

What do you mean with ‘mains USB-C socket’?

You can get wall sockets with USB-C charging sockets now :slight_smile:

That doesn’t really answer my question, as I could already guess, that they exist, because you mentioned it :wink:. But you still don’t tell, which one it is :slightly_smiling_face:.

Haha, okay - the phone is charging through a USB-C to USB-C wire plugged into a mains-powered USB-C socket. It might be the wire or the socket causing it. I’ll try a different wire!


Can you try the same cable with a different power source?

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Seemed quiet last night using an adapter (Nintendo Switch charger). Until my alarm went off at 6.45 because I forgot to turn it off >_<
I’m gonna go ahead and blame the cable for now, but might try a different USB cable so I can rule out the mains supply as a culprit. Thanks both!


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