Assembly instructions of fp2

Hello to all,

I apologize my bad english, it is not my true langage.

I received fp2 one week ago. :grin:
Today at work, he fell in the glue to stone floor :sweat:.
In the cleaner, I accidentally removed a white rubber.

I shall like finding the assembly instructions of fp2 type slim.
Thank you for your help.

Hello and welcome,

Maybe this article will help you:

Good luck!

You can write in your native tongue too. At least if it’s one of these ones: :de:, :es:, :fr:, :it:, :netherlands:, :czech_republic:, :norway:, :sweden: someone here will probably understand and try to help you.

I guess you are talking about the one discussed here:

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Hello Gerry,

Thank you for the link, i follow it now…Interesting :grinning:

Best regard,

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Hello PauKreuzer,

Thanks for your help, very usefull.

Best regard

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