ASMs in Busia, Uganda

Hello! I’m part of a cancer research foundation called the Orange Dragon Foundation. We’re travelling around the world, and part of our activities is to report projects on sustainability and social justice. For this matter, we have been trying to get in contact with the people behind the artisanal scale mines in Busia, Uganda. We would like to report the impact of the Fairphone project on sustainable, traceable gold supply in this area.

Can anyone please help me to get in contact with the manager project?
thank you in advance!


This is a community forum, handled by users, not by Fairphone.
You should try contacting them on one of the channels given on this page:

Most likely “Press & Events

There are Fairphoners dropping in ever once in a while, but you shouldn’t rely on that.


I’ve tried to contact them already, but no answers. Anyway, thank you very much

Response from Fairphone is a bit slow, hopefully they will acknowledge you request at least

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