Asking for a Quickstep improvement

Me and I think many other users are tired of Google search bar 'cause we don’t use Google or simply we don’t like it. I’m speaking with dev or someone who has some connection with, to give us the possibility to remove it throught settings page. I read in other topics that it is releated to Android OS itself but Quickstep should work like a custom launcher and many custom launchers have this option. So … what’s the point? Could be come true?

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It’s a necessary element to have this search bar on the home screen to obtain the GMS certification. So no google navbar would mean no GApps…
And offering an easy option to remove it would probably be equivalent to not having it and google could refuse.



What if Fairphone would release a custom version of its own Quickstep on Google Play like a custom launcher?

I tried almost all custom launcher but none is as high fidelty to stock experience as the original.

Well, you can ask them to, not sure they’ll do it though. If they have high demand… it may be considered!
Or perhaps some community dev could fork the code of the launcher and put it on F-Droid without the Quickstep, but someone has to do the work (and I have no idea of how easy it would be).

Lawnchair seems quite good from what I saw (haven’t tested it myself though).


If you don’t like using Google you should imho not only avoid that search bar but do the full step and chose an alternative OS like lineageOS or /e/.


I’ve been using Nova Launcher for years now on several different ROMs (Samsung, LOS, SlimRom, FP-OS). You can remove the Google bar, and it’s highly customizable and offers a lot of benefits. At the age of 56, I especially appreciate the possibility of free scalable fonts and icons :face_with_monocle:.
Mostly the free version will do.

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Ty for the suggestion but I think this is a pretty drastic way to overcome the issue :slight_smile: Stock Android is awesome and with some “disabling stuff” is possible to bury most of the Google apps… moreover as long as Fairphone supports its own OS I prefer staying with the “official” OS :slight_smile:

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Where can I find the Quickstep code? I am an Android Dev since a couple of years, maybe without changing core code just removing the Gbar could be quite easy…

Here’s the FPOS code, if you can find the code concerning the launcher:


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