Ask Every Time SMS option not working


I guess I’m doing something wrong…I have a UK SIM and a non-UK SIM. I would like to send an SMS to a specific contact in the UK using the UK SIM but for some reason it always uses the non-UK in this conversation. Is it « associated » with that contact? If so, how can I break the « association » without deleting the conversation?

Ideally, I’d like it to « Ask Every Time » as per my choice of setting.



Did you try the option in the settings menu?
Go to Settings
Go to SIM cards
tap on SMS messages and set it to ‘Ask every time’.


I think if you do send from within a conversation, it will stick to the SIM that was last used in this conversation (i.e. the number you received the message on or the number you sent the previous message from). You can’t mix SIM cards/numbers in the same conversation.

Have you tried sending directly from the contacts app? You should be able to choose which SIM card to send from, but it will eventually be shown as a new conversation in your SMS app then.

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