Are you looking for a new caring owner for your poor Fairphone 2? Contact me!

Hello everyone,

I am amazed by Fairphone and their story and have been regularly following their progress. I would like to acquire a Fairphone 2 myself, but given that they aren’t in production at the moment and their (for me personally), although justified, high price, I would prefer to buy a second hand Fairphone instead of a new one, this is also more environmentally friendly.
It should be in a good condition - so only having minor wear (i.e. some scratches on the screen or a damaged case) -, a used phone would be generally fine for me too.
As for the price: I’d be willing to pay up to 350 €, depending on the condition and location.
I live in Europe, in Germany to be exact, and would pay any shipment and/or custom fees.

Thank you in advance!

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