Are you going to Ship FP2 to India?

I liked the concept of Fairphone and started following you. Wanted to know if you are going to sale these phones in India and if so at what price point you’ll sell it ?

Most probably you won’t get an official answer here (as stated in the welcome banner):

If you want to use the phone in India, it might not work there. It is only intended for use in Europe.

Thanks Vinni for Insight… is it because carriers or some regulations ?

You may be interested in this post:
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Other than that, there are rumours of Fairphone expanding into other markets soon(ish). This can be a difficult process as they would need to make sure they comply with the regulations for each market they sell in (apart from having appropriate hardware). When and if India is on the list I don’t know - If support gets back to you, please let us know here on the forum!
In terms of pricing, unless fairphone sets up sub companies for different parts of the world that commission the phones directly, their costs are going to remain in euros, so the pricing in various other currencies will presumably be the equivalent of the current pricing (see the cost breakdown for where there’s room to play with pricing - basically the pink part [€ 118] in the top of the graph is where the price differences will be determined.)

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Thanks Johannes :slight_smile: , this is really help full

This is wrong. Fairphone repeatedly said that due to the smartphone industry working in USD exclusively, they have to plan everything in USD as well. (The weakness of the Euro in comparison to the Dollar in recent months was one reason for the relatively high price for a Fairphone here in Europe). Hence, prices outside Europe will not be dependent on the Euro prices but on the USD prices.

Except that all their current capital is in Euros. So until they set up subsidiaries that buy in the phones themselves (which would need to be crowd-funded per currency), or set up USD accounts in the Netherlands and have people pay in in USD, the costs will likely be based on Euros. Otherwise, why can’t I pay in USD at the moment?

Okay, maybe costs was the wrong word…

I don’t know which other shops are selling fairphones right now (is there a list of official partners?). In Germany it’s vireo on fairmondo afaik:
If you are sure, that your phone will work in india alright, you could try ordering there, as FP itself will only ship to Europe, but their partners might ship worldwide (send them an email in advance because of higher shipping costs and whether or not they can ship to you).


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