Are we, FP1 owners, doomed to be orphans?

Fairphone is a success, and we are proud to be a part of it. Without the “early adopters”, who paid in advance to purchase a Fairphone 1, the whole story would have ended. Now, the Fairphone 2 has been launched and is a success too. Great !

But please, give us news about your plans are for FP1 owners. Some questions :

  • When will the batteries be available again ? (mine is getting weak).
  • What are your general plans for software updates ?
  • A great app launcher has been released for FP2, with a brilliant UI design. Could we benefit from a kind of “trickle down” of this new, elegant design for our Fairphone 1 ?
  • Beyond this UI layer, are there some deeper plans for OS upgrades, ou for alternative OSes ?

I shall quote the welcome banner at this point:

Also, I moved the post here to #roadmap because this category fits your topic better:

So in conclusion: I think your requests are well legitimate, but you cannot expect an official response from a Fairphone team member. It’s possible that by chance they reply, but if you want to make sure to get an answer, you have to send them a request using the request form.

Hint: In order to get the FP2-UI on your FP1, I believe you can just pull the Fairphone OS launcher from the FP2-zips and install it on your FP1.

Quick summary of the latest updates that I’m aware of:

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