Are there FP2 users here with recent WLAN-related problems?

At home my FP2 is/was regularly losing it’s connection to my WLAN-router over the last days.
Router is a FRITZ!Box 7490 running FRITZ!OS 07.01 and I’m currently using LineageOS 15.1 (update 20180917).

Well I intended to supply some related errors via catlog, but it seems the connection is working fine today. So this is just the general question, if others observed WLAN stability issues and what is your setup?

No, I’ve had no problems on LOS 15.1 (latest nightly) with any WiFi network I’ve used.

I do however have an occasional issue with the router rejecting to forward IP traffic and causes issues on all devices on the network. A reboot fixes that though

My wife’s FP2 lost the connection occasionally with our Fritzbox 7490 6.93 FW, especially being fare away from the router.
I disabled the forced change from 2.4ghz to 5ghz in the Wi-Fi settings. But this didn’t solve it, maybe it’s a little better. I’ve no other ideas…

Edit: FP2 with latest FPOS (from April).

I have no other WiFi behaviour with LineageOS 15.1 than I had before.
I think @Patrick1 was on to something interesting over here when pointing to the respective WiFi channel selected by the router … it just could be a bad choice … and a better choice at other times …

Here’s a free App to have look:


I have WLAN Issued since the last Update 15.1-20180924.
WLAN doesn’t work properly, sometimes I have to restart, because the device doesn’t find any WLANs, not only with my Fritz Box 7490, but also at work.
Message is: No WLAN Network around (translated from German).

My personal impression about the WIFI is, that if it works, it works well, but sometimes doesn’t work at all.

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