Are there Fairphone 1 with duplicate MAC addresses?

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To find out, if some of our FP1(U)s have the same MAC address, here is a list. You can find out your MAC address by going to Settings > About phone > Status > WiFi-MAC-address. If your MAC address is already in the list, post a reply to let us know! :slight_smile:
##List of MAC addresses of FP1(U)s

  • 6c:ad:f8:0b:e7:95 (1st batch)
  • 6c:ad:f8:20:cc:09 (1st batch)
  • 6c:ad:f8:20:cc:87 (1st batch)
  • 6c:ad:f8:20:ee:a3 (1st batch)
  • 6c:ad:f8:23:6c:77 (2nd batch)
  • 6c:ad:f8:43:78:75 (1st batch)
  • 6c:ad:f8:44:50:8d (2nd batch)
  • 6c:ad:f8:44:75:d1 (2nd batch)

You can add your’s by clicking the green :pencil2: above. As argued here, posting your MAC address is not a security risk.

Hm, this is strange I’ve already had multiple Fairphones logged in to the same wireless network. I don’t recall anything not working.

Do you think it is a coincidence? As @ben said, it should never happen since manufacturers all get their own subpart of the address space and should be able to avoid assigning the same MAC address twice.

Can we maybe compare our MAC addresses? (I don’t have my phone with me atm but will do so as soon as possible if we decide to compare).

Is the MAC address confidential? E.g. can someone use it to do me harm?

@Stefan: It realistically isn’t if you’re ondifferent networks I presume.

My dad also has a fairphone (yh we all got one :stuck_out_tongue: ) and we’ve been fine when together. Yet with my friend’s one it is exactly the same!

He claimed to never have changed it(and I believe him because he doesn’t even kow what a MAC address is) and I’e never done it either.

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It is not confidential. Your phone broadcasts it all the time. It is true that if someone was in the same network as you and knows your MAC address and the WiFi credentials, they could impersonate you. However in that situation they can just see your MAC address anyway. Bottom line: It is not dangerous to post MAC addresses.

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Ok, I’ll add a wiki list in the first post.

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Can we maybe add whether it is a first or second batch phone?


It’s a wiki, you can add what you want! :wink:

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But I don’t know whether the ones already listed are from a first or a second batch phone :wink:

I’ve added mine. I think it is safe to say that not all MAC addresses are equal (like it was the case with other internal numbers in Fairphones :smile:


Added mine and reordered the List (alphanumerical) to make it easyer to proof if anyones address is already in the list.