Are random reboots processor related?

MSM8974PRO-AB and no reboots at all.

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AB and it reboots 2-3 times a day

My processor is of type AA.

I have my FP2 since February 2016. At first I had many random reboots. Mostly when the CPU was under heavy load (games, navigation,…). Using google maps navigation while driving was virtually impossible. The phone would always reboot sooner or later.

Over time it got better. I assume the software updates did the trick for me.

The biggest improvement came with

Fairphone OS version 1.10.1 - 19 December, 2016

  • Fine-tuning of the voltage regulator settings for the LPDDR3 memory to ensure proper regulation in some units under certain conditions that could cause occasional crashes


I’m pretty sure my phone was affected by this issue.
My reboots always happened the same way: Freeze for a few seconds :arrow_right: reboot.

Memory corruption leading to a freeze and a reset triggered by the processor’s watchdog seems a realistic explanation for this behavior.

Now the random reboots are down to an acceptable level (about 1-2 times a week). And I can use heavy load applications like google maps navigation without reboots.

Accordint to CPU-Z, I have a processor of type AB. And I had nearly no reboots in the last months.

How did you adjust processor settings ? Do you have tutorial to follow ?

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These CPU settings can be set for instance with the App Kernel Adiutor (requires root).
In Kernel Adiutor open the menu, choose CPU, scroll down to the settings, change them.

It was in Antimailer post actually, I missed it …
Thanks a lot !

AA and many reboots (on average 1 per day or more).

I suggest to indicate in a more relevant form how to check the kind of processor (it took me a while to find out how to do it).


AA with many reboots BUT non only on high CPU usage.
At first with OpenOS last year the main reboot causes where due to 4G settings for SIM1 (didn’t try on SIM2 as it isn’t 4G); other causes where basically environmental ones especially on high summer temperatures.
With latest OpenOS versions reboots went more rare and mainly with high CPU usage.
No I’m on MM beta and I suffered some reboots last week during high CPU load (gaming) only and 4G problem seems to be solved because I’m on 4G for 2 months (even with OpenOS or with MM beta).
On MM I also can notice the phone becomes hot more frequent than on LP, even with normal usage (not only gaming), but the scenarios are very different because on LP I didn’t have GApps and I had also a lower battery consumption (about 2.5 days, while now it barely reaches 1.5 days).
Since yesterday I’m trying to limit the CPU frequency because while gaming the phone becomes very hot, so I’ll report back in the next days :slight_smile:

UPDATE: no reboots until now (up and running for 90 hours) even during gaming + battery charging (which was a frequent cause of reboots) with CPU freq limited to 1497MHz, all 4 cores active

I notice one core going offline and back by itself when I start Kernel Auditor. When I activate it manually, an other starts switching. Only after activating all of them, they seem to stay activated (but for how long?)

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This is interesting. Even though there is not a mutually exclusive relation, the issue seems to be processor related (with AA processors having more reboots).
However there are still too few answers to the poll. It would be interesting to do some stats with a bigger sample!


Hi. My FP2 randomly reboots around once/week - AA processor

This is a replacement for a handset which rebooted many time each day, but I don’t know the processor.

Happy to give you more info if it might help. Just tell me what’s required.


Well, the current standings don’t look too good for AA processors, I guess I’m just lucky for the time being …

People with random reboots should perhaps try changing the processor settings as proposed by @Antimailer:

As for doing this:

It would be pretty interesting whether that helps for their processor or not.

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That’s the same with me - had a replacement handset which stopped the frequent rebooting but new handset still has regular freezes. (and it’s an AA CPU).

I experience most of my random reboots while browsing the web (Firefox, Opera). Aside from the web-browsing random reboots, my FP2 (AA processor) is quite stable.

Could you try the webbrowser Lightning (F-Droid) to see if that helps?

Hi i have a AB processor and it reboots/freezes at least one time a day using random app Facebook, Maps, etc…
It is becoming really frustrating : I emailed Fairphone because it’s been more than 1 year i am using it and i am tired of these brutal reboots or freezes (black screen)

That’s not random at all. Facebook is known to cause reboots:

:information_source: A reminder to everybody. Please carefully read the first post in the random reboots thread and try all the tips there to rule out different issues and then change your vote above if anything changes.

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All this topic seems to me somehow over-technical. I had several reboots too. But it was a real simple problem:
The accu has to much space and doesn’t fit hard enough to avoid contact loss to the phone.
After sticking a small peace of thick paper into the gap between the phone and the accu on the opposite side of the contacts, and an additional scotch tape piece over the back to hold the accu, I never had an unplanned reboot again.
I suggest everyone should try first this kind of “hardware upgrade” before thinking about deeper problems, as possible they may be, too.

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@Hitstone the reboots du to loose battery are also mentioned in the post I linked above. If you don’t have any reboots anymore with the DIY fix (after a month or so) please vote above accordingly.