Are all the support folk on holiday?

So 9 days ago I sent a request to say I had been through the troubleshooter & identified I need a new bottom unit. My phone won’t charge, so I have no working phone in the meantime. 3 days ago I had a cut & paste response telling me to try everything in the troubleshooter, that I already had told them I had tried. Asked again for a new bottom unit. Heard nothing since. Very frustrated, & about to throw in the towel with fp2. I feel really sad, but I can’t tolerate such awful customer service.

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While that still is frustrating when you’re waiting for your problem to be solved, the general advice here on the forum is to simply call them. Support experiences via phone are reported to be much better.

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Thanks, but I shouldn’t have to call them, that’s going to cost me loads, to call the Netherlands from the UK. The really annoying part is being treated like a mug, with the cut & paste reply, when the person who sent that could instead have ordered me a bottom unit & dealt with my email properly.

That’s strange, I mailed about the same issue maybe 10 days ago and already received the replacement unit. Give them a bit more time. Maybe you just need to get to another support agent?

Hey @Andrea_Finch, average first response time is currently 48 hours.
Some complicated tickets might take a little longer, but 9 days (10 by now) is really too long and there might be another issue. Could you share with me your ticket nr. so I can have a look for you?


Aside: I think with the recent EU regulations, charges have come down significantly in the past few years. As Dutch in the UK, I use Skype for my international calls. That way I pretty much always pay local tariffs. It’s a pay-as-you-go thing with a £10 minimum, so maybe not super helpful for a single call. However, if you deal with people or companies abroad (esp. US) more often this could pay off quickly.

Thanks douwe
Ticket number 189383
It was 6 days to get what I consider a cut & paste response telling me to try all the stuff in the troubleshooter. I consider this to be a waste of my time, as in my original message I mention I have been through the troubleshooter. 9 days is the time before I got a real response acknowledging I need a new part & offering to send it out (today). I hope this will be sent by next day courier, as I shouldn’t face any further delay. Thanks for agreeing to look into this, & let me know what is going to be done.

@Andrea_Finch Perhaps you want to also PM him the info, because …

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Thank you! Done that too now

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