ARCore support!

I already wrote the support 2 weeks ago, but he has not answered yet. So I try to send my request here again, because the topic is very important to me.

"Dear Fairphone team,

I’ve had a Fairphone 3 for a few months now and I’m very happy with it and I’ve never found anything that I miss about the Fairphone 3. Except now that I have found out that the Fairphone 3 does not support ARCore! Please, please, please make the Fairphone 3 support ARCore! No matter what you do, the Fairphone 3 supports ARCore. Maybe through a system update or if that is not possible please do it through a new module or if it is really necessary then please make sure that the Fairphone 4 ARCore is supported!

With kind regards Jan."


Welcome to the community forum.

As it really is a community forum and not the company, Fairphone staff might occasionally read along here and engage, or not.

@formerFP.Com.Manager, @lorahaspels: Can Fairphone answer this?

Also …

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Hi Jan,

Thanks for your request. While I have passed on your request to our software team, this is unfortunately something that we cannot promise. If anything changes in the future, we will definitely alert you via the forum and social media channels.



@rae Hi, I have the same issue and would be interested in the ARCore Support so I can develop AR Applications on this phone
The newest Android Version was my reason to buy it. That work’s for non ar apps, I wasn’t aware that I need ARCore Support for ar apps.

So please make ARCore possible. <3


I would also love to have this feature! This is currently the only thing that I am missing in my beloved fairphone :smiley: And in terms of having a long lasting, “future-ready” phone I think this would be great to have. And it’s not only about games, there are also great apps that make use of it.

I’ve checked Google’s list of supported devices and there seem to be some older devices that are supported as well. So I think from a technical perspective, it would probably be possible (although I am really not a hardware specialist). However, I have no idea how complicated it is to get through Google’s certification process…

Definitely a +1 from my side!


Hello everybody,

Thanks for supporting my problem.

I have been waiting 5 months and 8 days for this feature. Has something happened @formerFP.Com.Manager ? I am developing games and would like to test them on my Fairphone and for AR games you need ARCore. I don’t understand why the Fairphone doesn’t support ARCore, because you don’t need a specific hardware for ARCore but only the right software (Android). I will write Fairphone again.

With best regards Jan:)


I 100% agree with your idea…


+1 At the moment I need another Android device along with my FP3 because of that issue.


+1 also ! Same kind of trouble where I’ll need to buy another phone for this… If it is a software issue and not hardware I guess the Fairphone team can do something about it.


I agree. We also develop AR App for our hatmaker company Wilgart. But the lack of ARCore is so disappointing.
Best, Silas


+1 for me.
By now this is the only thing I really miss on my Fairphone3. Please add arcore support with next update!!


I am here to support this request about ARCore :)! I can’t develop AR apps and that is kind of annoying as a professional :/…

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Just another +1. One year ago I developed an app based on webXR api, which in android chrome depends on arcore, using a lended phone. As a regular phone user I’m planning to buy a fairphone for myself instead of my dying ios device, as a mobile web dev wanting to continue developing his app I don’t know.

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Just checking in to see what this is about :slight_smile:
So is this quote not realistic.

" Newer device models will have AR software already integrated into your phone. Make sure you … have the ARCore app installed from the Google Play Store.

Requirements for ARCore for Android:

  • Android 7.0 or later (some devices will need at least Android 8.0 in order for ARCore to work)
  • Device that originally shipped with the Google Play Store
  • Internet access in order to update ARCore

Should the fairphone 3 be listed here so ? ARCore supported devices  |  Google Developers

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