Apps that Android 6 replaces natively

Among the good outcome of Android 6 there is a lot of apps I don’t need to install anymore:

  • RedMoon: get the screen reddish to spare the eyes at night -> Android 6 announce it can do it (even if the automation is broken) ;
  • BatteryFu / Network: going from 2G if no data to 4G if data is on (comes from GravityBox [MM]) ;
  • Lock: GravityBox [MM] allows to bind the lock/shutdown-screen event to one of the soft button (to spare the physical one) ;
  • Termux Widget: I was using it to get back write access to external SDcard from a little script. Its not working anymore so I use apps that can work with Android 5 external storage API (Amaze, OpenCamera…)

And so we can also bind the Call shutdown menu event to one of the soft-buttons (the Back one for me for instance) and it spares a bit more the hardware Power button.

Amaze, surprisingly is a software you’ll have to re-install yourself, being gone with Android 6 upgrade. Ok, there is an Android 6 file-explorer like feature, but it’s buried under 3 levels of menu, with few way to personnalize it, and opening text file from it (with Amaze text editor) is not working. So Amaze is still important. Luckily you can download it as a free software from


Thank you @paulakreuzer for the bullet points :slight_smile:

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