Apps state the FP2 on FPOOS is "rooted"


I just came around the second app (which I wanted to install from Play Store via Aurora) which does not start on my FP2 (with FPOOS fp2_sibon-userdebug 9 21.08.1-rel.0…; just updated). Instead, they show a message saying that the device is rooted and thus not safe to run the app (bank and health insurance).

I’ve begun a discussion with the bank provider, but there’s no willingness at all to consider publishing the app on f-droid (or make it downloadable from their site).

Is this a new “feature” of Google? I’ve noticed a few apps earlier which complain about the phone not being googled, but their warning could be acknowledged without limiting the app’s functionality.

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Your bank app is possibly not stating the device is rooted but saying it wouldn’t run on devices which are rooted or don’t run on a non-Google-Android for various reasons. This is a “feature” of many bank apps and for what they call “security” they refuse to run in order to limit the bank’s liability.


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