Apps not working, random reboots


For now FP2 is working fairly well. For a 530 euros mobile phone, it is not marvelous.

Some issues I have:

  • I can’t create a group in WhatsApp: in the last step of the process of creating one the app goes back instead of finishing it,
  • the Munich (MVG) transport application does not get my clicks on the most important areas, the same with Songkick,
  • Tinder gives me an error, I can’t login (a facebook login system error),
  • after a full recharge during night I get one or two random reboots across the morning (I am using an Apple 1A charger),
  • after the last update, either when someone calls me or I call, the screen goes dark and I can’t control the phone anymore until the call ends. This was happening randomly with the previous firmware version, but now it is always.

For each of these points I tried different phone setups to see if this got fixed. I failed trying to fix these. I am a scientific programmer, but I don’t have time to fix the firmware of my phone, I am sorry.

I am really annoyed, I thought I was buying a good phone when I thought of FP2. I expected a few bugs but not a pain in the ass. I am considering buying a phone that I can daily use. Does someone wants to buy my FP2?

Keep up the good work. I believe in your cause but I am not sure if you are giving a good advertisement for this kind of initiatives.

The reply below has not fixed any of my issues, in fact now I have another issue:

  • My second SIM card lose signal and I can’t recover it by looking for network operators.


Please use the forum search next time.
The misbehaving apps are a known bug ( #privacyimpact ) with an easy workaround.

You can also find a topic about the random reboots here: #bootissues
There is no fix for this issue yet but FP is working on it.