Apps from Play Store can't be installed

Hi there -

although I keep my OS updated, for a couple of days now I am not able to install some apps from the Google play store.
I always get a “non-compatible with you phone” message.
Phone ist not rooted or anything fiddled with and I already did clear the Play Store’s app cache…

Can you give a few examples?

The thing is, in the end it’s probably just guesswork as the Play Store doesn’t tell what exactly is causing the incompatibility. On top of my head I can think of the following

  • device is not Google certified/doesn’t pass SafetyNet tests (early beta builds usually have this problem so that e.g. Netflix doesn’t work)
  • the app is restricted to certain countries and you’re “in the wrong place” (no idea how to find out if that’s the real cause)
  • it’s an augmented reality app and the device doesn’t support ARCore
  • the app developer has put some minimum hardware requirements, usually about CPU, GPU or RAM (e.g. the MTGArena game is “not compatible” with the FP3 but runs rather fine when one takes the APK from a different phone and installs it with the Android developer tools and not via Play Store)

I guess there’s more, maybe even a check for the security patch level.

Maybe you can contact the developers of the respective apps, maybe they know what restrictions there are/they have implemented.


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