Apps don't close, phone stuck in one app

HI, since this morning my FP2 would only me to open one app, to navigate away from that app, I have to restart the phone. I can’t close the app and access other phone functionalities without restarting. any idea how to solve this or what this could be? I took the battery out a couple of times and rebooted but no luck. thanks

How do you try to start another app? Via the back, home or menu buttons? And if so, does the back button work while you are inside an app?
If not, go to settings > maintanance > checkup and check if the bottom part of you screen has any issues (if the blue line is not the way you drew it).

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Hi, the back, menu or home button don’t work anymore. I have to restart the phone to get back to the home screen to then use another app. I checked the screen in maintenance but all seems fine… the problem persists sadly.

Does this happen for one specific app only (which one?) or does the issue occur with every app you start first?

Hi there, no any app. In the meantime I did a factory reset which has repaired the app dysfunctionality, but the mic is still broken and I lost data from the voice recorder app, which didn’t back up together with the other apps which is very annoying. thanks for checking-in tho

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