Apps Crashing on FP2

I don’t know what just happened but out of blue today multiple apps including Instagram, Spotify are crashing. When opened they are only displaying a white blank screen on it’s startup and simply closing itself automatically after few seconds. How am I supposed to fix it please help!

Quick update: I uninstalled and reinstalled the malfunctioning apps and they seem to be working just fine once again :slight_smile: Few forums say clearing app cache also fixes the issue.

General advice for illogical problems on any kind of computer device:
Turn it off (really power it down, don’t just reboot), wait a few seconds, turn it on again … see whether that fixed anything :wink: .

For further analysis: What exactly does it say in Settings - About phone - Build number?


I’m having the same problem and have been for ~6 months. I’ve tried a complete reset but still lots of crashes.
Primarily with: Instagram, facebook messenger, facebook, duolingo.
It happens regardless of wifi or 4G. It seems to be worse if the phone is also updating apps.

Facebook is crap on a Fairphone. You better switch to for instance Tinfoil for Facebook.

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