Apps crashes after android update for FP2

Since I upgraded to Android 7 update, some apps like Castle Crush or google.maps crashes a lot. The apps just freeze and I have to restart. This did not happen before the update.
Is this a known bug or behavoir for this version of Android 7 for FP2? Is there a way to fix this? Is there an update planned?
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See here …

Assuming you have a backup of your important data, you could try a factory reset …

… or you could go for the clean approach of installing the new Android version …

The next update is in beta testing currently. If you want to join the testing, here’s how to sign up.

I had some app stability issues after upgrading. MOstly for me some apps were very slow, or so unresponsive that I ended up closing them and reopening, or closing all other apps.

I followed Forum advice and cleared the data cache (settings -> storage, go down to Data Cache, click). This basically fixed the slowness - everything is hugely better now.

Thanks for the detailed reply and the hints for solving.

Yesterday I get a automatical update and I will test this. Since installing there was no error.
Alas the problem not finding the WLAN is still present. But turning on / off the flight modus helps.

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