Application audible not working any more

I had a audible account (Amazon sound books) and I used this pretty much under Fairphone2, but actually now the app is not working any more. It can not connect to the cloud system, you are not able to download any stuff from the cloud onto your Fairphone 2 . I am only able to play the stuff already downloaded on the device.
Then I logged out and now one can even not login again … I use OpenOS 18.x and now 19.x

So audible and Fairphone2 are a no go (at least for me)

Have you tried reinstalling the app?

If you have and to no avail, I see the app uses Google Play Services; FPOOS doesn’t come with that. You can install NanoDroid with MicroG as a replacement and try the app then.

There’s a guide to the installation here.

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Ha, that was a joke. I had the Amazon app installed and I was not able to update the audible application from that - it was defined as to be up-to-date.
I deinstalled ALL off audible and then made a complete installation - and then it worked again.
The “old” application seemed to use wrong/old URLs and this was actually noticed by me when I tried to login again … for a very short of time a browser windows was viewable (actually I captured the sequence by another handy and then viewed that video) telling me, that a wrong URL was used.
Thanks again for the hint … and perhaps useful for other persons also.

So happy audible user again.


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