Apparently it's impossible to get a Fairphone repaired if you bought it used

This maybe of help with the questions here.

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Gee! :face_with_spiral_eyes: This is simply appalling! :woman_facepalming:


Just assume innocence unless proven otherwise and repair this thing and bill it accordingly. Such a cringey attempt to play police - that’s not your job, it’s your job to make phones that are fair. And this policy is just UNFAIR.

Before I get any next fairphone (we have 3 in our household), I will come back here to see if you have resolved this with manners proper.

If not, well, I was already thinking of Librem 5…

Just remember, you are talking to community members here, you are not addressing Fairphone directly.


I guess that applies in both directions and so far I dont see any official Fairphone statement proving all the speculation here…:thinking:

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It’s not a simple as non personal devices. As phones can hold personal data Fairphone do not want to facilitate use of a phone by an unauthorised owner.

The topic title is very misleading and not at all true.

If you buy a second hand phone and the previous owner can provide evidence that they are the legitimate owner and pass that to you then Fairphone will have no problem.

For example a phone can be locked with personal data and a second user cannot override the encryption. Asking Fairphone to remove the owners encryption would allow anyone to pilfer a phone and us it.


But that’s not what this is about. No one has asked Fairphone to decrypt an encrypted Fairphone. This Fairphone owner just wants to get their hardware-defective Fairphone repaired.

Of course Fairphone won’t do that. (And I doubt they could do that even if they wanted to). But that’s not the question here. As the thread creator wrote, Fairphone is obviously refusing to repair their used Fairphone, which - if true - is absurd, tbh.

But as others have written here, Fairphone has yet to make an official statement.
And I doubt you are helping anyone with your assumptions and rumours as to why Fairphone refuses to repair second hand Fairphones.

Yeah, was and am still aware of it. So what, you don’t want me to share my opinion?

Quite frankly, some of the comments are equally appalling (or even outright stupid like amoun’s).

Besides, it is still fairphone .com and I DO trust fairphone enough to not moderate/censor my postings.

After all, it’s IMHO… but bullshit needs to be called as such (my apologies to the weak minded who despise such harsh words, sry).

What both directions? There is a phone in need of a repair and Fairphone outright denies any repairs, despite being able to do it. Nota Bene: We’re talking about PAID repairs. If they had acted reasonably, this thread wouldn’t even exist (or shall I assume we call @hazelnot a liar now?).

Yikes, your comments here, one by one, I can only deem entirely worthless. Accept my apologies for being so honest with you, please.

First and generally, if you are too stupid to protect/encrypt your very own data then that’s on you (don’t even know how feasible it is to turn off encryption).

Second, next time I want to fill up my car, gas station asks me to prove it’s mine? If I buy groceries, at register they want to know where my money comes from? If I get a shot wound, a doctor will deny treatment because I could be a russian orc?

No, that’s a job for the police and the police has a name… And this name is, surprise!, surprise!: “police”, not fairphone :wink:

Even, if this device was stolen (then check some IMEI-database beforehand), Fairphone is in no position to deny repairs, despite claiming so in their legalese.

EOD: Either way, this is will influence my next buy. Also my apologies for not putting make up on my words but denying a repair of 2nd hand is bollocks, trying to justify that even more so.

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Maybe I haven’t made it very clear.

  • Fairphone do not un-encrypt phones for any user
  • All phones that are returned to Fairphone will have a factory reset as long as the owner can decrypt.
    It’s a Google protection for some and if you are not the ‘owner’ who set it up then you are out of luck

If you can’t give this information during setup, you won’t be able to use the phone at all after factory reset.
Help prevent others from using your device without permission - Android Help

So the ‘owner’ has to reset the phone before selling and provide evidence of ownership to the next owner before a third party overrides what may be the ‘real’ owners wishes.

Not for small amounts but even depositing 10,000 in a bank can create queries.

We are not talking about money, petrol and veg, but a persons phone which may be a coveted possession even when only valued as few 100

See it more as a child than a carrot and you can see why authorisation is needed to pass it around.

And then what?

  • Some may be as ‘stolen’ on a police database, do you think it’s Fairphones job to check every phone when it’s the user that wants the work done.
  • The IMEI may confirm if the support request is from the original owner

I have a phone I bought my daughter by providing the finances but the phone is registered to her. The registration cannot be transferred to me so my knowing th IMEI is not proof of legitimate ownership. I had to get a copy of the email from my daughter that Fairphone sent her when ‘I’ wanted to repair it after she abandoned it.

It’s not Fairphone’s job to sort this out it’s up to the present and previous owners.

If the previous owner doesn’t want to help that says something.

There was a similar case where someone died and no doubt a death certificate and probate will show the legitimate new owner.

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If we agree on this one, then why do you keep bickering about it?

Fairphone is not the police and yet they have this stupid rule that effectively prohibits repairs of 2nd hand phones if you can’t provide a crinkled paper that says you bought it:


…whereas a every phone shop in town won’t give a damn in the first place.

There is no legal or good reason for such IMEI policing (actually, I doubt such collection can be legally sound).

In the worst case, assuming it was stolen, what’s better for this world? Remember, in both cases the original owner will be one phone short.

  1. A bricked phone because Fairphone denies repair categorically.
  2. A happy thief with a green attitude.

Gee, even if, they could notify the original/registered owner to refuse this within, uhm for example, 30 days.

PS: This flamboyant stupidity by industry and customers is actually the reason why I don’t use FRP - if lost, then let somebody else have phun with it, eh? I rather care about my data.

Yes most people don’t give a damn as you put it. Fair trade is only for the those that do give a damn.

Bickering :slight_smile:

:hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

The future is untold so you/I make it how you/I want it to be. The issue is more about self development and awareness not putting the onus on others to do as you/I want

You misspelt

A happy thief with a greedy attitude.

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If you can’t use a phone, the amount of fun it provides is drastically reduced and it’s not interesting to steal it. Easy as that.

If you do not buy a new smartphone for another five years when yours get stolen, you’re right, of course.

I see absolutely no reason to throw away used things if I can give them away. I even invest money to buy spare parts for used electronics and gift them after repair. But why should I make it attractive to steal something if it would get stolen very unlikely otherwise? The environment doesn’t profit at all, since it’s very likely that I have to get a new device and the stolen one replaces another one.


Oi, you must live in a sad world where phones never get lost but only stolen. And where it’s mandatory to keep all and any PoPs until kingdom come…

EOD: My next purchase will probably not happen at (Un)FairPhone, at least not until they resolve this.

PS: Actually, with this policy Fairphones should be stripped a star or two at ifixit (it should have never been 10/10 in the first place, as some parts are not fixable).

Why don’t you ask a consumer protection group since you are sure about your rights are not respected by Fairphone ?

It would be much more efficient than to waste time arguing/discussing about possible facts since we are still waiting for a Fairphone reaction that will probably never come in that thread.


So go purchase anything anywhere you want.


What a funny proposal, I love french humour :heart_eyes: Mais alors, Y don’t U?

No, I rather…

Probably elsewhere, yes. En effet, money is the only language companies speak.

Still, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this elaborated proposal.

As this is going off topic I would kindly ask to go back to the topic. It seems the OP has currently nothing to add, so why would anyone discuss further about the unknown speculations brought up somehow by someone not representing Fairphone.


Very true, but I am not a company and Fairphone although being one only started by being more Fair to the miners and manufacturers.

Sure a more intimate, and effective support would be lovely but that’s not their goal currently as I don’t have to work down the mines etc.

iFixit is a business too and they make comparisons and compromises. 10 is the top score. If you can do better than Fairphone a) I’ll buy a phone from you and b) maybe knock them down a peg or two.

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You can go outside and yell to the clouds, if you want. I just told you, that your acussations don‘t reach the right people in this thread.

BTW, there is no need to behave rude, like you are doing here.


As I told you before: I am quite aware of it. And there is no need to repeat your mantra or to accuse me of anything.

On the other hand, you could have also contributed something meaningful, like your opinion regarding this case.

Oh! I missed that.

Being aggressive and rude isn’t being honest, and how stupid do I have to be to get the privileged adverb ‘too’ . Although that again may be your view it has nothing to do with truth.

If, though it is not, a matter of fact then the title is incorrect. So although it may seem true to the OP it is not ‘true’.

It is not a problem having bought a used phone it’s the lack of care in not having proof of legitimate owner ship, apparently.

It is possible to get Fairphone support on a used phone. I have one and managed to get support.

And don’t forget it’s not Fairphone’s job to repair a phone at the behest of an owner. They offer support within and without warranty, but there are conditions to exploit either path.

Intelligence is relative and AI has no place.

When the body’s intelligence declines,
cleverness and knowledge step forth.

Tao Te Ching : Lao Tzu (abt.551- 479 BCE)

So how cleaver do you have to be to ensure you get a receipt for a purchase, or would that involve intelligence.

I’ll leave the Tao to cradle the internal conflict, as outwardly there is no truth.