App to check wether tracking works

I’m looking for an app that lets me see wether different tracking frameworks (like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads etc.) are working on my phone, so something similar to what RootBeer does for root detection. Does anyone know an app like that?

e/OS/ uses a tracker blocker on app level that also gives an overview on detected trackers.
But I’m not sure if it is installable as a separate app.

Hi Stanzi

not sure but maybe trackercontrol (F-droid) fits to your needs

I was more looking for something that has the trackers built in and then tells me if they work, since that would let me test wether my current setup is able to block them (or e.g. how well the app you suggested works)

Fully makes sense. I almost thought so :wink:
I´d be curious about such a thing, too. Fingers crossed that such an app exists and even more that we hear about it

Maybe this can help you: the duckduckgo browser for android has an (beta) app tracking function on board. Its using a fake vpn to be able to block tracking throughout all of the installed apps.

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