App overview screen (last/mostly used) disappeared

Hi all!
I’ve got my fairphone two days ago and at that time, there were three dots at the bottom of the “home” screen:
the left one for the contacts, center for “home” and the right one for the latest and mostly used apps.

It seems that somehow I managed to drop the right screen (with the apps), there are only two screens (and two dots) left.

I’m thankful for any hint how to get the right screen back.

kind regards

To get it back long press an empty space on the home screen
then choose 'widgets’
swipe until the ‘My Apps’ widget appears
long press the icon whilst moving the icon to the right of the edge of the screen until a new home screen appears, then release the icon.


Thanks to you!
I’m rescued!
and learned something new! ::relaxed:

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Thanks a lot!
I had the same problem…

Thank you so much. I had the same issue.