App for reading downloads & attachments

Does anyone recommend a particularly good app for reading downloads or email attachments? Thanks, Andrea


it depends on the Format of your Downloads.

For typical Office Files I would recommend the Free Softmaker Apps. Textmaker for Word Files, Planmaker for Excel Tables and Presentations for Powerpoint Presentations.

For PDFs I prefer ezPDF Reader but just because I got it very cheap once. I think the Adobe Reader will do it, too.


I’ve used Documents to Go for five years - it handles office files (documents, spreadsheets, presentations) and pdf files.

I run the Softmaker office suite on my PCs (both Linux and Windows versions) and have installed it on my FP as well. It works fine, but in my opinion it’s more suited for tablets where you do more typing/editing. If you simply want to read documents you may find it a bit overloaded with functions you seldom or never read.

Thanks very much, Shiny, I have now downloaded Textmaker & Adobe, & it’s great to be able to read attachments now rather than remember to go back to them when next on a computer. I hadn’t heard of Textmaker & it’s really helpful to know what others have found works well on the Fairphone.
Thanks again, Andrea

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Thanks very much kgha. Although I downloaded Textmaker & Adobe yesterday, I’m intrigued by the economy of app that does all sorts of files, so I may well try it.
Thanks so much, Andrea