App data to SD-card

Before the ‘unified storage’ one could set apps to set their data on a SD-card. e.g. TomTom had the app in the internal storage, but the map (around 3.8GB) was on the SD card.
After re-installing all apps (due to the upgrade to the unified storage) TomTom started to download the map again (of course it was still on the SD-card) and now it is taking a huge part of my internal storage. And it is for apps like this one (+ media) that I have a 64GB card inserted.

Is there any solution for this?

@Rob_van_der_Does does this work?

Go to Settings > Storage and then change the ‘Default Write Disk’ to ‘SD Card’

OK, done that now. But I presume I have to de- and reinstall TomTom (and hence the 3.8GB card-download) to make that effective?

I wondered if you did a reinstall of the app whether it would pick up the data already in existence on your SD card? I don’t know whether it will, but I guess it’s worth a try

Just tried that: unfortunately that didn’t work. The freshly installed TomTom asked for the download once opened for the first time. So again a 3.8GB download.
But not a big problem; thanks for the help.

But what is worse: in spite of setting the write location to the SD-card, tomtom downloaded the huge file again to the unified storage.
Are there more apps suffering from this, since this storage upgrade?

So now I’m kind of stuck: much more space thanks to the Unified Storage, but 3.8 GB lost due to this issue.
Is it a bug in the tomtom app (it was fine before) or with this US-solution?

You might want to try completely reinstalling the whole app.

Edit: oh wait, I see you already did, never mind.

Other option: is the download location configurable from within TomTom’s settings perhaps?

Nope, it is not.
And to be sure I rebooted the phone after setting the SD card as write-location before re-installing tomtom.

I’ve seen that TomTom released an update to the app in April to allow android 4.4 devices to use the map file from an SD card. That was a specific problem being addressed with 4.4 because of a change to how android used external storage, so it seems to suggest you should be able to do it…

No idea how though

But as the tomtom app was fine before the upgrade to the Unified Storage (i.e. the huge map went neatly to the SD-card) and now it goes to the internal partition, it looks like an FP-issue to me.