Apk of Fairphone-Updater?

Good evening,

I am looking for the newest version of the Updater App as an apk. I am doing this because I actually have Fairphone Open installed but I want to have a look at it without connecting my device to my Google account.

Do you know any source, preferrably from Fairphone directly, where to get it? I already tried Raccoon, apk-websites are not safe enough in my opinion.

I would be very happy about any ideas where to get it!

Best wishes


You want to have a look at the new updater app, but don’t want to upgrade? May I ask why? I don’t think the updater app has changed a lot the only difference is that it offers the upgrade to Android 6.
The fact that it’s not available for FP Open is intentional as directly upgrading to Android 6 (FP OS) form Android 5 (FP Open) is not possible.

If you really want to see the new updater app though you could try the yalp store.


Package signatures differ, so the new version cannot be installed on top of the Fairphone Updater included with FP Open

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Thanks for your replies!

To Paul: I want to install Android 6, not just the updater :slight_smile: But I just want to have a look at it, not using it with all the Google services, so I don’t want to sign in with a google account. Because of this I don’t have access to the Play Store.

To Roboe: Okay, thanks for that info. I want to upgrade first to Fairphone OS with Android 5.1, and then having an upgrade.

So, thanks again!


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