Anyone tried to install the TWINT app on FP1?

The new Swiss digital purse Twint ( requires one to install an app on one’s phone. I didn’t succeed with my FP1. Can’t remember exactly what failed; is it due to it being rooted? Has anyone else tried?

What feature do you need? Maybe the PostFinance app (same company) can do the same?

Update: I never heard of them before, but the marketing they use made me angry, so just for fun, some info I found:

"Nous allons compléter l’application avec d’autres plus-values, par exemple des cartes de fidélité numériques ou des coupons numériques. Cela rend notre solution encore plus attractive pour les clients privés et commerciaux. TWINT est bien plus qu’une simple solution de paiement."

“We will complete the application with other capital gains, such as digital loyalty cards or digital coupons. This makes our solution even more attractive for private and commercial customers. TWINT is more than a simple solution of payment.”

I can’t wait for that! But at least they do not depend on big credit card companies.

Twint needs Android V4.4 at least… Fairphone is still on 4.2

Then go for the unofficial #kitkat 4.4.4. It’s been running on my phone without problems for 4 month. :slight_smile:

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