Anyone have an original spare headset to Fairphone 3?

If anyone have an original spare headset to give away for free to me, that would be super!!!


There is no original headset bundled with the FP3. So what exactly are you searching for? The modular headphones for around 50€?

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Adding to what Incanus has said, what phone do you have|think that ever had an original headset?

Fairphone only includes headphones (earphones) with the FP3 and FP3+ in France (it’s the law there). However, unlike Fairphone’s modular earphones (which seem to be discontinued), the headphones included for France come without a microphone.

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I have a Fairphone 3+ and I only have an iPhone headset (to use to make phone calls, both listening and speaking). But people complain, the cannot hear me (even though the headset works fine with my iPhone).

So what is the deal to be able to have a headset to the Fairphone, what are the requirements?

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It must be an iPhone only compatible cable, I experienced this as well.

Any headset that is known to work on Android, it doesn’t have anything to do with the Fairphone but with the operating system.


Check your headset with other than iPhone equipment to see that it works.

Check the plug has four connections and check it sits in the phone socket properly. If you have case on the Fairphone try using the earphone without it as that allows the plug to insert further maybe.

Otherwise any common earphone should work if the plug connections are similar.

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That’s the point, there are mainly two different connection schemes, OMTP or CTIA. iPhone uses CTIA.

P.S: The FP3 uses CTIA too: Headphones, headsets or external speakers for the FP3/FP3+ – Support so the iPhone Headset should work, at leat for sound and mic.


Here’s an adapter that may suffice

UPDATE: OH! I just noticed that FP3 use CTIA so the next item is defunct in this instance.

Apple also uses a non-standard microphone and control signaling method though, so that might explain the further discrepancy despite its use of the CTIA standard.

What Is The Apple CTIA Standard? The third standard or arrangement of TRRP is the Apple CTIA standard. In an effort to make their headphones exclusive to only Apple products without an adapter, their CTIA connector arrangement is similar but has a nonstandard control-signaling microphone signaling method.

This has led non-Apple products to not work on Apple products or vice-versa despite using the same CTIA standard.

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I will test it later at home. The description only leads to the asupmtion, that the remote control buttons will or might not work, but the headphones and the microphone should.

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The FP2 and FP3 support both OMTP and CTIA without converter. The Fairphone modular headphones actually use OMTP - this means they also work on ancient Android phones like the FP1 without needing a converter (but may cause trouble when connected to Apple hardware on the other hand.)

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