Anyone has a fp1 battery to buy?

Hello! Before deciding to give up using my 5-year-old fairphone1, I send a vocal call for a fp1 original battery still functioning well, not swolen yet, in case any of you has one to sell…
I am in Brussels, but in Paris I could find a way to get it…or by postmail, eventually…

Thank you in advance,

If you get no offer, please have a look in this thread. There is an alternative for the original battery.


Hey Gavroche, I have one, but it’s used. I’m not sure how good it still is, but it looks alright…

It’s definitely not swollen or damaged in any way. I could send it to you by post, I’m in Ludwigshafen/Rhein, Germany.
cheers, Iris


Thank you, it would be great! I see you’re not far from Strasbourg so if you happen to go there soon, I could put you in contact with a friend…but by post it would be quicker direct to Brussels…how much would you ask for it? It’s a pity you cannot get an idea of how long it lasts in a phone, when last time did you use it?



Hi! Is your battery still available? I had no more news from you…

Thank you in advance, please just let me know,

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