Anybody in London with a (spare) FP2 battery?

I believe my ~1 month old battery just kinda died and my phone is in an infinite reboot loop.

I was using my phone normally while being plugged into the charger (one from IKEA), unplugged it, my phone instantly rebooted and then was stuck in a reboot cycle (about 5 seconds the Fairphone splash screen and then a reboot and that the whole time).

I can get to the bootloader/fastboot mode and for example reboot or flash recovery.
The phone still gets to the charging screen.
When trying to get into the recovery, it just reboots, when trying to boot something from fastboot, it just reboots, etc.

As I want to use my phone the next couple of days while I’m in London I would like to know if anybody in London has a spare FP2 battery left…

Nvm anymore, discharging the battery completely and then charging again apparently solved the issue (for now).

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