Any way to add aptX bluetooth to Fairphone 2

I have a Fairphone2. It doesn’t have bluetooth Qualcomm aptX if I understand it correctly. Is there any way to add it?

Like waiting for an aptX module to be build or plugging a small aptX bluetooth device into the micro-usb from the Fairphone or whatever?


No answers to this excellent question? I’m also interested.

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I also want to know this. The market for good aptX or aptX HD compatible headphones and speakers is growing steadily, so this is becoming more and more important.
Currently, I am involved in a product test of the Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless headphones, which support aptX and aptX HD. And the FP2 supports neither. This could become a dealbreaker in the future…

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Addendum: I am using LineageOS and with a simple addon I enabled aptX for my FP2. So right now I am happy, and I am also wondering why this was not possible with the stock firmware - the hardware capability seems there…

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For others interested perhaps … What did you do exactly?

I just posted it into the LineageOS sub forum.
But anyway: In recovery, I installed the from

I’d guess licensing restrictions. Either licensing fees are due for the drivers. or for the use of the hardware capability (as some variant of crippleware - where it’s cheaper for the SoC manufacturer to bake capability into all SoCs, but only enable use of the feature for those customers who paid the relevant royalties and licensing fees). The XDA page suggests licensing differences as well.

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