Any update on October 2017 deliveries?

A second mail informing all the people affected by this delay will be send today. The mail is send out in batches with a delay, so it might be a while before everyone has received it.

If you want, you can already read the mail here.



I have not received the email explaining the delay.

Do you know when the Fairphones with indigo case will be shipped? The color doesn’t really matter here, I’d take an other color if it would speed things up.


Just got my delivery confirmation with tracking number :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Great to read!!!
Maybe that’s the reason, FP did not send the mail anymore, as they were preparing for shipment already.

Does that mean we may expect a Fairphone 2 can be ordered again soon?

I don’t have any info that you don’t.
I guess we can speculate based on the fact of whether screens will still be available in a few days. Or we can ask @Douwe if he knows something.

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Sadly this does not change Fairphone 2 availability.
Screens are back, but Fairphone 2’s are still unavailable, if you need one, the best thing is to locate a partner of Fairphone near you.

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Thank you for your instant reply. (I have liked your post because you replied so fast, but I do not like the information itself. :wink: )

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Check with the resellers.
There are still some phones out there to be purchased and sent EU- or even worldwide.

What for? To get a device that probably has issues with the display or/and the bottom module after some time? (These parts have been/are going to be improved by now.) You would not like to buy a used car you know about that its engine will not start after some time either.

Besides, the Fairphone 2 has been manufactured for almost two years. I would not like to buy a phone without shortened warranty period.

Sorry, I guess there’s a misunderstanding. A reseller is not a second hand dealer.
Those resellers are regular online-shops offering new and sealed phones from the second batch with the new camera modules and the new displays and full warranty.
Just give it a try and check the linked posting. :wink:
E.g. if my memory serves me right the italian shop gogreen has phones left and is shipping for 7 Euro EU-wide.

Btw. not every second hand FP2 is sold due to troubles with the hardware. E.g. on was sold here on the marketplace because the owner got a company phone.


You asked for it!

Phones with new displays (which btw have not been confirmed to be any better or worse than the old ones - the manufacturer just changed because the old one wouldn’t produce anymore) have been sold for a while now, so just because a new batch has been produced doesn’t make it different from the ones sold by resellers. And a new bottom module has not even been announced yet.
And while yes it’s true that the screen and bottom module are among the parts that are being replaced most often it’s still not something that happens that often that you can say “you’ll probably have issues with the display and/or the bottom module”.

Warranty period starts when you receive your phone. So no matter when and where you buy the FP2 (unless you buy it second hand in the #market) you’ll get your screen and bottom module replaced for free if they fail and it’s not your fault.

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Correct, I was wrong. I thought you had meant some stores which deal with used phones to get a hold of a used Fairphone 2.

True, but the chance to get some trouble sooner or later might be higher. You do not know how the phone was treated before.

I think I will wait for the next opportunity to order one directly at the Fairphone webshop.

That could be one reason for potential customers like me to wait for the next batch of Fairphone 2’s. Honestly, I really would not want to wait for weeks to receive a new spare part. Long delivery times plus long response delays are not what I expect from a company like Fairphone. When something needs to be repaired, I want to repair it instantly.

This blog explains why there has been a wait for FP2s to be produced


So the displays are not to blame (anymore). What else could it be?

Up in this thrad: posting #15
It’s the indigo coloured case.
(Status in the shop for this colour is: “coming soon”)

Although displays are available this statement in the blog sums up and offers an explanation

"Despite this good news, we still expect to have a limited supply of displays in the coming months. It will take some time for the LCD cells to be produced and assembled into display modules. As they are finished over the coming months, we’ll continue to carefully allocate the displays among our repair center and online store — prioritizing repairs and existing customers."

Therefore this reads that just because screens are available again doesn’t mean new phones will be rolling off the production line immediately


Exactly: At the moment they cannot manufacture new devices, because new parts are needed for repairs. And that may concern other parts than the display module, too.

That does not explain the general unavailability of the phone itself.