Any mobile app suggestions from those in cryptocurrencies

i have been playing a lot of games on my fairphone these days and i heard you can get paid doing that.

recently i gained interest in cryptocurrency and looking to get my hands into it.

After some research i found you could actually earn bitcoin playing games on your mobile device.

I’m wondering if anyone here has tried earning bitcoin from their mobile with games?

am looking to get started at first without buying bitcoins and i probably guess
the pay from games may not be high

what apps do you use if any and how much are you generating each month?

Sorry this may not be helpful but your post got me thinking.

Electricity generation is pretty toxic to the environment, mostly due to coal and fossil fuel. Iceland is an exception but wanting more is clearly unsustainable and bitcoin demand a lot of electricity so it jars with my reasons for buying the Fairphone. If you really want to go mining ~~~~ no problem I don’t expect anyone to worry about the enviroment. Fairtrade for the real miners is a lot more empowering.

“It turned around and spent $1.5bn on Bitcoin, which is mostly mined with electricity from coal. Their subsidy needs to be examined.”

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