ANWB App Onderweg (Dutch)

FP1 here. Most Apps work fine, but since 3 months one popular Dutch"Onderweg" provided by ANWB stopped working. Deleted, reinstalled, but no. Pop up saying “Verbindingsfout” = Connection error. The App tells me it needs an active internet connection at first start. But that’s there and working. Probably a bug in the App, as it’s the only one with this problem. Waited for the FPupdate that could solve the problem, but it didn’t. Anyone?

I just installed the app, and it seems to be working for me (though I only have a wifi connection, and I’m still on 1.8.5). Are you running any applications that can interfere with access to internet (such as Xprivacy or Afwall)? If not, have you tried force stopping the app, and then removing the app data and clearing the app cache (rather than just uninstalling and reinstalling)?

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thanks for answering and trying! THe problem occurred when I still ran 1.8.5, and I hoped it would be over after updating to 1.8.7. But it didn’t. I followed your suggestion, but no change. I asked ANWB about it, because one of their other Apps - Wegenwacht - doesn’t install at all. Others did, so I’ll wait what they can do.