Another phone not ringing problem!

My phone does not ring when someone calls me. It does show it’s ringing in display. In Sound & notification the Ring volume is greyed out and so I can’t alter it. I’ve used the volume control at the side and that hasn’t altered anything. Any ideas please? No good as a phone at the moment!

Did it ring any time before? Do you see a :no_entry: sign in your status bar?


ERm yes I think it did ring before but I have not had many incoming calls since I started using it. And yes there is a one of those minus signs in the status bar so I’ve changed that and tried ringing the phone and now I can hear the buzzing/vibrating but not the rington. Thanks for your reply by the way.

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Aha - I’ve looked at the volume settings and it’s now not greyed out, changed it and it works! It’s easy when you know how! Thanks so much for your help Amber.