Annoying cell broadcasts after upgrade

Hello Fairphone users

I recently upgraded my FP2 to the new Android 6.0.1 release. In general, the process ran flawlessly.

The following behaviour is new:

Note: The message content is just the name of the Swisscom cellular network base station as permanently shown on all early classic Nokia mobile phones.

It’s also to mention that this especially happes on areas with weak signal, typically Edge only, i.e. no 3G/4G, for example driving through a rural area.

It would be fine, when this behaviour could be fixed with the next Fairphone update.

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Is switching off channel 50 a solution for you? See this topic:

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Thanks for the quick answer. I now find the screen:

So this option is unchecked now. Feedback will follow later since I have to observe the situation over several days.

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